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I felt very compelled to write this letter of appreciation. I recently had the unfortunate incident with my hot water tank, located in our finished basement, rupturing overnight without any indication.

To my surprise, my family woke up to an overwhelming 3 feet of water that damaged our families entertainment system along with several other electronics. Items such as our VCR, DVD, Playstation, our 32" Sony TV, speaker system and several other items.

Your courteous and experienced staff-members, reassured me, while inventorying every item with detail, that I was in good hands. Everything was itemized for my records with detail and handled with care. I felt confident that everything at that point would be handled to my satisfaction. We have received all of our items, all in operating condition, and again want to thank you for your prompt response and professionalism.

J. Elliot - Broomall, PA

As one business manager to another, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team of skilled technicians for a very thorough job in restoring our entertainment system located in the bar section of my restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to see them out here servicing our entertainment system so promptly. Our patrons were especially appreciative.

Again, thanks to everyone at Dial Electronics for a job well done.

Penn View Grill & Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA

I am writing to thank your secretarial staff and your technical staff for helping me since the surge occurred in our home. Pick-up and delivery dates were made with my busy schedule in mind, and I appreciate the flexibility offered to me. My computer along with other electronics, such as our modem, speakers, scanner and printer were diagnosed with power supply problems. Everything was repaired and returned to me quickly. Your secretarial staff handled my Insurance claim effectively and courteously.

Jonathan B. - Feasterville, PA

Just wanted to send you a letter of "THANKS"!

Your technicians saved our big Thanksgiving Day feast. We were getting ready for a big family party and wouldn't you believe it, a week before the big day we had an electrical surge throughout our house. We were shocked. Fortunately, not all of our electronics were affected, but our projection television, VCR and the Playstation 2 were hit badly. What kind of party would this be? What are the kids going to do? Well, I called Dial Electronics and your company was out the very same day. Your technicians were prompt and very professional and polite. You returned our repaired equipment in only a couple of days. We were thrilled and so were our guests. The party was a hit and so is Dial Electronics. I will tell all my friends.

Mrs. K.

The fire alarm went off in my apartment complex. The apartment right above my apartment was ablaze. I'm grateful that no one was injured, however my apartment and property, suffered smoke and water damage.

I own a lot of electronics, full computer system, speakers, fax, printer, etc. as well as televisions, stereo system including CD player, cassette and turntable, my karaoke system, VCR's, DVD players, the works. Now my concern for the loss of my property was great.

Dial Electronics Repairs & Restorations came in, removed all of my equipment and in less than a month, returned and reinstalled everything looking like brand new and working perfectly. As you might imagine I was so happy to have my computer and TV's back.

I highly recommend the services of Dial Electronics in an emergency such as I experienced or just general maintenance and repairs.

Safiyat M.

Dial Electronics is the company we've called when ever we need to have our clients' electronics tested or evaluated after a loss. They have responded professionally and expeditiously when ever called and are flexible to their customers' needs. Their reputation as a can-do company has made it easy to recommend them as a company of choice when dealing with insurance work. Mike and his staff have gone out of their way to help customers feel at ease on getting their electronics cleaned and back in working conditions.

Glenn H., Serv-Pro